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Species List from Mesembs of the World
Cephalophyllum alstonii
Cephalophyllum caespitosum
Cephalophyllum compressum
Cephalophyllum confusum
Cephalophyllum corniculatum
Cephalophyllum curtophyllum
Cephalophyllum diversiphyllum
Cephalophyllum ebracteatum
Cephalophyllum framesii
Cephalophyllum fulleri
Cephalophyllum goodii
Cephalophyllum hallii
Cephalophyllum herrei
Cephalophyllum inaequale
Cephalophyllum loreum
Cephalophyllum niveum
Cephalophyllum numeesense
Cephalophyllum parvibracteatum
Cephalophyllum parviflorum
Cephalophyllum parvulum
Cephalophyllum pillansii
Cephalophyllum pulchellum
Cephalophyllum pulchrum
Cephalophyllum purpureo-album
Cephalophyllum regale
Cephalophyllum rigidum
Cephalophyllum rostellum
Cephalophyllum spongiosum
Cephalophyllum spissum
Cephalophyllum staminodiosum
Cephalophyllum subulatoides
Cephalophyllum tetrastichum
Cephalophyllum tricolorum

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Cephalophyllum alstonii
Cephalophyllum alstonii
The Plant

HABIT: A moderately sized tufted plant with great red flowers in the spring.

CULTIVATION: Takes full sun and temperatures just below freezing.

PROPAGATION: grows quickly from seed.

Cephalophyllum alstonii
The Flower
Cephalophyllum caespitosum
Cephalophyllum caespitosum
The Plant

HABIT: A slow growing clumper/ground cover.

CULTIVATION: Can take full sun and temperatures down to freezing. I suspect too much summer water may have killed mine years ago.

PROPAGATION: I purchased the plant, which never provided seed, and never tried cuttings.

Cephalophyllum pillansii
Cephalophyllum pillansii
The Tuft

HABIT: A large tufted plant with long leaves. In the Spring, long stalks creep along the ground and flower. These stalks can more than double the size of the plant and will die back after flowering

CULTIVATION: Full sun and heat as well as temperatures just below freezing. A reliable grower under many conditions.

PROPAGATION: Easy from seed.

Cephalophyllum pillansii
The Plant
Cephalophyllum pillansii
The Flowers
Cephalophyllum subulatoides
Cephalophyllum subulatoides
The Plant

HABIT: A small tufted plant. A slow grower.

CULTIVATION: Does not seem to handle the heat and sun as well as others, but has survived.

PROPAGATION: Easy from seed, but I got poor germination.

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