The Bakersfield Cactus and Succulent Society

The Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society meets the second Tuesday of each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2216 17th Street Bakersfield California. A "social half-hour" begins at 6:30 PM and the real meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome! This MAP might help you find the place.

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NEXT MEETING: October 10, 2017 6:30PM

"The Islands of Baja, part 2" presented by Eunice Thompson

I look forward to sharing the thrill of exploring the islands of Baja California in the Sea of Cortez . We will observe the diversity of the cacti and succulent endemics and compare them to their cousins found close by on the mainland.

I became passionate about Cactus & Succulents about 10 years ago, and sought out like minded hobbyists and experts to gain knowledge of these plants. I participated in many club activities and eventually serving as a president of the Long Beach Cactus Club.

I was able to combine my passion for travel and photography with cacti and succulents in their native habitats. My first opportunity presented itself join an expedition to Baja California in 2008 to visit the native plants of that region. Since then my travels have taken me back to Baja and mainland Mexico as well as the many desert habitats across the globe. This has also given me an opportunity to observe the hobby first hand in UK and mainland Europe.

Currently I am working on filming a travel documentary feature cactus and succulents and their impact. I organize small tours to mainly to Baja California but also other plant habitats around the world. I am co-author of “Tea at Gordon's” – a self published tribute to Gordon Rowley

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October 10th BCSS Meeting: “The Islands of Baja, part 2” presented by Eunice Thompson

October 14-15: BCSS Show & Sale. St. Paul's Church 2216 17th St.

November 14th: BCSS Meeting: "Mutants" presented by Tom Glavich

Succulent Garden Work Day: TBA

Things you may want to bring: hand weeding tools, knee-pad, bottled water, maybe a bucket, gloves and be prepared to get dirty, especially if the soil is wet.

Cal State Garden

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