Articles from The Cactus Patch
Bruce Hargreaves' Letters from Botswana

Title Author Issue
Soil and Fertilizer for Succulents Peter Walkowiak Aug 2015
What Is A Caudiciform? Sidney Kelley Nov 2009
Cold Enough To Freeze Your Bud Off Linda Cooley Feb 2007
Frost Protection and Extending the Growing Season Whiting, Wilson & O'Meara Feb 2007
China Lynn McDonald Dec 2005
A Cactus-Collecting Trip to the Deserts of Southern Nevada, Northwestern Arizona, and Southwestern Utah Carl Purpus Nov 2005
The Genus Copiapoa L. Maynard Moe Mar 2005
Gone To Seed (pdf file) Stephen Cooley Jan-June 2005
Sempervivums in Italy Linda Cooley Aug 2004
Cactus L. Maynard Moe May 2004
Welcome Weeds Stephen Cooley Dec 2003
Notes On Echinocereus L. Maynard Moe May 2003
Monstrose and Crested Succulents L. Maynard Moe Mar 2003
Notes On Haworthia L. Maynard Moe Jan 2003
The Succulents of Disneyland Stephen Cooley Nov 2002
The Pot and Plant Matcher Linda Cooley Sep 2002
The Succulents of South Wales and Cornwall Linda Cooley Aug 2002
The Perfect Pot Stephen Cooley May 2002
The Quest for the Crest Stephen Cooley Apr 2002
Lithops and Conophytum
Small Scale Succulents For The Big Time Collector
Stephen Cooley Mar 2002
The Confusing Names of California Cacti L. Maynard Moe Feb 2002
California Succulents
L. Maynard Moe Aug 2001
Anatomy Of A Winner Stephen Cooley Aug 2001
Succulent Survey - Cacti on the Move Stephen Cooley Jul 2001
Little Petroglyph Canyon James Parker
photos:James Parker
Linda Cooley
May 2001
Anne Lee's Notes on Growing Christmas Cactus Anne Lee Mar 2001
Ethel M: Chocolate & Cactus Stephen Cooley Jan 2001
Our First Show and Sale Linda Cooley Nov 2000
The Kern County Fair 2000 Terry Skillin
photos: Sydney Kelly
Oct 2000
How Wet Is My Winter? Stephen Cooley Oct 2000
The Most Widespread Succulent Bruce J. Hargreaves Aug 2000
Lotusland Linda Cooley Aug 2000
Cima/New York Mountains Field Trip May 13, 2000
(2 articles)
Lynn McDonald
Bruce J. Hargreaves
photos: Linda Cooley
Jun 2000
BCSS Baja Trip 15-21 Jan. 2000 Bruce J. Hargreaves Jun 2000
Weird Winter Ramblings Rob Skillin Mar 2000
Travels with Rob Rob Skillin Feb 2000
Autumn In My Part of South Africa Stephen Cooley Oct 1999
Peru Travel-Log Terry Skillin Sep 1999
What's In A Name? L. Maynard Moe Jul 1999
Feasting On Cacti Bruce J. Hargreaves May 1999
The First Report On The Baja Trip
(December 1998)
Gordon Sanford Jan 1999
Lithops In Their Native Setting Bruce J. Hargreaves Dec 1998
So, What Exactly Is A Succulent? L. Maynard Moe Mar-Apr 1998
Living Stones Richard Basta Mar 1998
Kern (Bakersfield) Cactus
Opuntia basilaris var. treleasei
Gordon Sanford Jan 1998

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