The Cactus Patch
Volume 3       June 2000      Number 6

BCSS Baja Trip 15-21 Jan. 2000
by Bruce J. Hargreaves

Dan French led the second BCSS trip consisting of four Kieslings and four Hargreaves. The first two days repeated the itinerary of the previous trip.  On the third day we struck out into new territory on a dirt road leading South from the main road after El Rosario. Dan had his handy GPS to guide us. Unfortunately he had only one point on it. As our son John (ex Coast Guard) pointed out, this works well at sea only because one can travel in a straight line. We wandered in the desert (with one flat) and eventually camped in a very deep arroyo. Although it rained that night, we were not flooded out. Next morning Dan led us to our goal (which he had scouted out the previous evening) and we found fossil ammonites and clams, petroglyphs which included a cardon and numerous succulents in full bloom. We returned to the main road by a shorter route and continued to Catavina where we filled up with the last of the gas there. We continued on a pot-holed road (causing another flat) to Bahia de Los Angeles. The vegetation there was a complete change and we camped at Daggett's Beach next to Pedilanthus, Euphorbia, Jatropha, (all three in the spurge family), elephant trees and Palo adan (a large species of ocotillo). We celebrated my birthday with rum-and tequila-soaked fruit cake while a full moon rose over the Sea of Cortez. Next day we visited the fantastic little museum and then saw turtles scrubbed down at the marine research station next to Daggett's. After another night at the beach we drove back up to Catavina (with yet another flat) and visited the fantastically colored rock-art there. We spent the night at Erindera then split up to return, the Hargreaves stopping to see La Bufadora south of Ensenada. The Euphorbia ingens labeled "organ pipe cactus" there made the day for me. Pachycereus pringlei
Rob Skillin and Jennifer Cooley stroll
past a cardon on the 1999 field trip.
photo by Stephen Cooley

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