The Cactus Patch
Volume 2       May 1999      Number 5

Feasting On Cacti
by Bruce Hargreaves

The Sunday after the last meeting was my birthday and I was taken to the Cactus Valley Restaurant on Rosedale Highway. I was pleased to note they have a small succulent garden and I sampled their cactus soup which I found delightfully spicey.

By coincidence my older son, John, sent the following poem by e-mail.

There's no pal like a nopale
A great pal o'mine
For fencing or eatin' it is more than fine
A pokey green boundry on which you can dine
There's no pal like nopale
A great pal o'mine

It reminds me a bit of a poem the Kem Cactus Club printed in the 60's which started:
Alo little owl in the Aloe
You are such a cute little fallow

Unfortunately I have forgotten the rest........

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