The Cactus Patch
Volume 3       August 2000      Number 8

Text & Photo by Linda Cooley

On July 29th, Bruce, Polly, Anne, Lynn, and Linda joined the Fresno Cactus and Succulent Society on their trip to Lotusland. We departed from Bakersfield at 7 am, on our way to a rendezvous at the James Dean Memorial in Cholame. The Fresno folks showed up around 8:30 and off we went to Lotusland! We were given a very nice box breakfast (included in our trip cost) and the trip seemed to move quickly: we were in Santa Barbara before lunch! We had lunch at the Santa Barbara Mission and had time to look around before boarding the bus again to go to Montecito, home of Lotusland. When we disembarked at Lotusland, we were put into groups of 10 and led by knowledgeable docents on our tour around the gardens. Madame Ganna Walska (the latest owner of the garden) developed the 37 acre estate into at least seven distinct gardens. We moseyed and
meandered our way through the Australian, Cycad, Epiphyllum, Succulent, Blue, Bromeliad, Cacti, Euphorbia, Aloe, Japanese, and Fern Gardens. Of course, Bruce wanted to take home all the euphorbs, and Linda wanted all of the aloes. In addition, there was a "theater" created with terraces and hedges, several water gardens, a topiary garden in progress, a fruit orchard, and the visitor center, where several of us acquired some new plants! By a strange twist of fate, Bruce bought an aloe and Linda bought a euphorb! After the tour, we got back on the bus and traveled to Arroyo Grande for dinner. After dinner, we were treated to a video (on the bus!) about the Intercity show and sale which was very interesting and helped the time fly by. We all got off at the James Dean Memorial and returned to Bakersfield by around 10 p.m. I think everyone who participated will agree that it was a grand tour!

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