The Cactus Patch
Volume 5       May 2002      Number 5

The Perfect Pot
Text and Photo by Stephen Cooley

I personally have never had a problem finding the perfect pot. I have lots of them. They're all sitting empty in the backyard. I've even had to build storage shelves to hold them all. My problem has always been in the filling of the pots. I have tried my best to stage my plants correctly but I'm never really satisfied with the results. Recently, while going through my pots and trying (in vain) to imagine which plant I could stage in each, I found that one had already been filled. It seems my enthusiasm has spread and infected a pair of Doves.

These Doves (in an obvious attempt to show me up) have chosen a blue bonsai pot in which they have placed two flawlessly grown white eggs. These eggs are perfectly set off by a top dressing of dry grass along with two clay pots set off to the side just for ornament. It is a striking display, one that has captured the attention of myself and my family.

And the enthusiasm is still spreading -- it seems that the cats have become interested as well.

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