The Cactus Patch
May 2016

A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

Since we had gone north for Christmas, we agreed to go south to my nephew Leo’s for Easter.

Little did we know what we were in for!  We drove south to Valencia on the 26th and had a delicious lunch at Claim Jumpers.  Then we reached Leo’s house in La Mirada with ease (if one can call LA traffic “ease”).  We were then taken to Medieval Times over our objection. (The tickets had already been paid for.)  It was as disappointing as I expected.  The food was not copacetic –tomatoes, potatoes, maize (corn) etc. were not available in Europe until after Columbus.  Polly and I had had a more authentic medieval feast years ago at Bakersfield College.  The jousting was ludicrous overacting. (Again, Polly and I had seen more authentic jousting at the Cloisters in New York.)

Next day we all trooped to church in Fullerton and returned to Leo’s for a feast.  We had expected to return to Bakersfield that evening, but were informed two of the young men had tickets to a ball game so we would be staying the night!  We finally reached Bakersfield the morning of the 28th.

On the 7th of April we heard Keith Taylor in Fresno.  He showed off his collection of huge tubers.  (He had a Fockea edulis the size and shape of a basketball.)  It was like an enlargement on the already full brag table. One interesting item on the actual brag table was a Moroccan rug brought in by Cheryl Berman.  It was very finely woven from agave fiber.

On the 12th, of course, we heard Kelly Griffith speak on Madagascar.  It was fascinating to hear yet another report on the fascinating succulents of this island. (We look forward to the talk on Mexico which had been scheduled and which he promises to bring to us later.)

On the 16th the club had another exhibit at the annual garden fest.  I trust this continues to publicize our activities.

Medieval Times

At Leo's

Keith Taylor and tubers

Agave fiber rug

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